Welcome! Let me tell you about our church. . .

Thank you for visiting our website. My hope and prayer is that you will join us for worship after I tell you about our church. Hopefully, this introduction and the other pages on the website (you can click on the menu in the upper right corner to navigate to these pages) will provide enough information to decide if you would like to join us for worship or Bible study on Sunday morning. (See the information on the left for service times, location, etc.

For some time, I have considered our unofficial motto to be “Casual Dress, Serious Faith.” There is no official or unofficial dress code for worshipping with us. People are comfortable wearing khakis, jeans, polo shirts, t-shirts, dresses, and the occasional suit and tie. We are serious about faith. The center of our worship is the proclamation of the Word. Sermons are almost always based on a passage of Scripture. Our recent sermon series has been focused on the Gospel of John. Preaching is taken seriously. Sermons will sometimes inspire, sometimes convict, but most important, we pray they spur people into action. Sermons are focused on the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the worship of God, and the importance of the Holy Spirit. Sermons are never overtly political, as in endorsing specific political agendas. We affirm that the Gospel itself is inherently political. Therefore, the Gospel is preached, and we rely upon the Spirit to guide people as far as particular politics are concerned.

On the first Sunday of the month, we celebrate the Lord’s Supper and any baptized Christian is welcome to take part in communion. We welcome people of all faiths, creeds, and denominations to attend our worship services. Occasionally, we will have a baptism and the reception of new members. Baptisms provide an opportunity for all who are worshipping to renew their commitment to Jesus Christ as Lord of their lives.

Our worship service usually lasts about an hour. We have an order to our worship, but our size allows us to be orderly without being rigid. We sing two or three hymns, have moments of silence, much prayer, and the reading of the Word of God from Scripture. Children are active in the life and worship of the church. Our sermon page has some sermons that were preached at our church. Most importantly, our worship is about glorifying God and taking joy in God’s presence.

Our Sunday worship is the center of our week that enables us to go out and live as faithful disciples of Jesus Christ in the world. We work to make the kingdom of God a reality in the world, and we welcome anyone who believes in Jesus Christ to join us. We also welcome those who are unsure about faith, unsure about what they believe. Questions are welcome, and we hope you find this an open and caring place to explore what matters most in this world.

We are a smaller church, and like many small churches, we are like a family. Our family is a little different though. Our Christian family at Westminster Presbyterian Church (WPC) is fairly diverse. We have factory workers, teachers, professors, retirees, artists, therapists, farmers, and veterans to name just a few of the many occupations represented. Our congregation includes people from at least five different nations. We are united by our confession that Jesus is Lord and our commitment to love God and love our neighbors.

Volunteers do much of the work at WPC. This includes care of the church building, organizing fellowship time, and worship preparation. Stewardship is also important to our church, and we support a surprising number of missions for a church our size. We support Meals on Wheels, Presbyterian Food Pantry, Presbyterian Medical & Dental Mission, NOROC (Romania orphan mission), Presbyterian Children’s Home and Services, and the Buffalo Gap Presbyterian Encampment.

I hope you feel called to join us in worship and, if you are so inclined, Bible study. You will be greeted and welcomed. Feel free to ask questions and to stay after worship on those Sundays we have cake and cookies (2nd Sunday of the month) or our potluck lunch (4th Sunday of the month).

First Timothy 1:12 sums up the way I feel about our church and has become somewhat of a mission statement in my own life: “I am grateful to Christ Jesus our Lord, who has strengthened me, because he judged me faithful and appointed me to his service (NRSV).” As someone who has experienced brokenness, and many are broken in our world, I have found wholeness and strength in serving God at WPC. Come join us and experience gratitude and being called to the service of something more important than the treasurers of this world. Jesus is Lord!

Pastor Chris


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(The webpage will be updated periodically. We ask patience as we slowly improve the site.)

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